Thank you so much for choosing us! Here is a little guide with a few things to keep in mind before you embark on your journey with one of our vehicles – follow these simple steps and you’ll be good to go:

Simple steps

Make sure your electronical invoice is paid in full
Watch the “Walk around clip” of your vehicle so you know what to expect
Check and fill out/sign rental agreement (sent to you a week before departure)
Check inventory/convenience package
Check information regarding spring/summer/fall/winter rentals
Gather additional information regarding camping in Western Canada

What to Bring


If you have questions regarding cancellations or re-booking options, please check our F.A.Q. section "What is your cancellation policy" and make sure to also check our COVID19 section.

Please be aware that we are not to be held responsible and accountable for any traffic violations.

While one of our vehicles is rented out under your name, you as the main client will be held responsible for payment of the following, should we receive information of misconduct:

  • Speeding violations
  • Red light violations
  • Parking violations
  • General traffic violations


Please be aware that information about any type of traffic violation, if not immediately carried out by law enforcement personnel at the time of the violation, can take up to 3 months to be sent out. We will then do a thorough check upon receiving said information and forward it to the client who is to be held responsible accordingly.

Should you have any questions regarding legal matters, please contact us and we will be here to assist you! Please make sure to also check our COVID19 section.


Here are some of the questions we get asked most frequently. If there are questions you might have regarding your plans or booking that these FAQs don’t answer then please don’t hesitate to contact us right away! We will get on it immediately to make sure all your questions are answered, your needs are met and you feel confident in having chosen us!

If you are planning to book a trip 3 months or more in advance please get in contact with us about deposit and payment options.

To reserve a specific time frame for your rental we kindly ask for you to contact us and/or request a quote.

We understand that unforeseeable factors can influence your ability to start your trip. If you have to cancel or postpone your trip:

For cancellations 30 days+ prior to your departure please contact us for more information and re-booking options.

14 days or more prior to departure we offer a 75% refund

8 – 14 days prior to departure we offer a 50% refund

7 days or less than 7 days – no refund – Our cancellation policy states that no refunds will be given for cancellations made within 7 days of the scheduled booking. However, we will make every effort to fill the spot and if successful, we might be able to offer a parcel refund.

Please make sure to also check our COVID19 Section

We are located in Southeast Vancouver and now offer contactless pick-up and drop-off on site, located at 3450 McIntrye Drive, Vancouver, BC. V5S 4N1

We are conveniently located just 15 minutes from YVR airport and close to all amenities and shopping. If you would like us to deliver the vehicle to you or drop it off at a different location from where you picked up then we do offer drop-off and pick-up service for additional fees that are calculated by distance. Here are some of our previously used drop-off destinations:

• YVR Vancouver Airport (additional fee)
• YYC Calgary Airport (additional fee up on request – can change during the year)
• YEG Edmonton Airport (additional fee up on request – can change during the year)
• Abbotsford Airport (additional fee up on request – can change during the year)
• Victoria Harbour (additional fee up on request – can change during the year)  


Our vehicle type Ford Transit seats 2 – 1 driver and 1 passenger. We strongly advise against the use of child restraints for this type of vehicle. We will be expanding our fleet and are going to add vehicles with 3 and 4 seat configurations in the upcoming year where the use of a child restraint will be a possibility and safe to do (coming 2022/2023)

Please roughly estimate your planned travel distance. We will include 200km/day with each vehicle. If you require extended traveling distance we’ve got you covered with an additional add-on km package which can be added when you plan your booking with us.

  • 200 km / 124 miles per day INCLUDED
  • extra km are calculated at $ 0.41 /r KM
  • Add 500km / 310 miles to your total $170
  • Add 1000km / 620 miles to your total $300

We send all our vehicles for multiple inspections each year at our trusted Ford dealership and check them before each rental. That being said – it’s always possible that a vehicle might have an issue or breaks down. Let’s hope it doesn’t, but if it does, we will help! A positive attitude is the key to success. Together, we will conquer all issues and resolve them! 

Your selected insurance package (except basic) comes with Roadside Assistance but in all cases please text, call or reach us on WhatsApp first and we can point you in the right direction. We will “walk the extra mile” so hopefully you don’t have to!

You will not be held responsible for any mechanical failures that occur as a result of normal driving. Worst and extremely rare case scenario – if you have to abandon ship for repairs, we will do our best to get you back on the road as soon as possible, however we will only reimburse you for any night you are not able to physically sleep in the van. We at -Get a Van- can also not be held responsible for any costs associated with other reservations such as hotels, flights, and ferries.

Each rental comes with a full tank of gas.
Our vehicles drive on unleaded regular gas.
You might wonder how far these vehicles can drive with one full tank – here are some rough numbers:

• Ford Transit full tank 550km – 630km (~$130 CDN to fill up)
When you return the vehicle, please fuel up. If we need to refill the tank, we will charge a $25 refueling charge as well as the actual cost of fuel.

Yes! For any bookings 14 days or longer you will automatically receive a 5% discount.
Long term bookings >1 month are available as well, where rates and discounts are calculated differently – please contact us for planning your long term booking!

There will be a 50% deposit of your grand total due at the time of your booking to reserve your time slot. Your full rental amount is due upon receiving your electronic invoice 2 weeks before you pick up your vehicle.

14 days before your scheduled pick-up we send a virtual payment reminder with an active payment option. When we are provided your payment information we can set up auto-pay for a hassle and worry-free transaction experience. We display all prices in Canadian Dollars and accept the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, debit card, cash (under certain circumstances)

No – we do no longer charge a damage deposit. We have a contract for additional expenses that is to be filled and signed by yourself as the renter before your departure. This is a precautionary measure which eliminates the need for additional calculations and transferring funds back and forth. We will keep your contract active for 60 days after you return the vehicle. Should any further charges apply, we contact the renter supplying all needed information and an invoice, before we reserve the right to withdraw outstanding additional post drop-off charges such as refueling, traffic violations, pet cleaning, internal or external damages, additional km’s over your limit, exceeding rental time fees etc. If none of the above additional fees apply, no further payments need to be made. 

We make finding the right insurance option as easy as possible!

You will be able to choose from 3 different levels of insurance for your rental. The prices listed are the cost per day and can be reviewed alongside the detailed information about each insurance package in the “Insurance” section below.

We do not offer additional windshield/window/glass coverage at this time. We are working hard on finding an insurance provider who can offer this option so we can incorporate it into our insurance packages in the near future.

If you want to bring additional coverage e.g. from your credit card company, please check with them first as some do not cover international rentals or have limitations on “Recreational Vehicle” rentals. If an insurance related event occurs, the renter (you), pays the deductible listed according to the chosen level of insurance. -Get a Van- creates the claim post-trip with the respective insurance company.

If you choose to have either your own personal vehicle insurance that covers “RV rentals” or other supplemental insurance coverage, such as travel insurance, you can do so. -Get a Van- is not responsible for acknowledging renter’s acceptable personal vehicle insurance policies. In case of an insurance claim with option “ZERO”, the renter will be charged for the damage via the credit card on file and has to claim the case with their own insurance provider to collect reimbursement.

You need to be at least 25 years of age and have to supply a valid class 5 driver’s license or international equivalent accepted in British Columbia to rent our vehicles. On the rental agreement you’ll need to list the main driver of the vehicle. All other individuals who would like to have their turn on the captain’s chair will need to provide driver’s license numbers as well. There are no additional costs to add more than 1 driver in your rental agreement.

If you are under the age of 25 but have valid long-term experience with large vehicles and feel you have what it takes to navigate one of our vehicles of extended height and length, please feel free to contact us and if we feel comfortable with your provided information to keep yourself and our vehicle safe, we can absolutely make an exemption!

At the time of your pick-up, you’ll be provided with a top-notch vehicle that has been sanitized, all linens washed in fragrance free hypoallergenic detergent, essentials restocked and utensils checked for functionality. Included as well are aspects like fuel, water and propane level check, sanitizing fridge and stove top as well as all countertops, toilet and surfaces etc.

If the vehicle has any pre-existing conditions, it will be taken care of or noted as well.

Much like any rental vehicle, you need to check these yourself before you embark on your journey as well.

If there’s anything that doesn’t meet your expectations or reflects our strict quality control standards, please let us know and we will make it right!

We love pets, but not everyone does, so we ask that if you’re bringing your pet, you extend the same respect in using our vehicle that you would as if you were visiting a friend’s home.

You can absolutely bring your pet but please do not allow them on the bedding/dinette or driver’s/passenger’s seat as we might encounter another renter with severe allergies.

If you know that your pet might not be comfortable in confined spaces we ask to please not bring them along.

At the discretion of -Get a Van-, if we deem a returned vehicle to require additional cleaning or repair due to pet-inflicted damage, we will deduct said cost from your security deposit.

To bring your 4-legged friend we charge: Small dogs (up to 30lbs): $80 

We have a strict policy for all our vehicles and there is ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING permitted.

At the discretion of -Get a Van-, a $100 cleaning fee will be charged if the van is returned smelling like cigarettes or anything similar.

Burnt surfaces or any damages due to neglecting our no-smoking-policy will be deducted from your damage deposit.

Our Ford Transits has a beefy V6 engines, 6 speed automatic transmission and rear wheel drive.

They come with a backup camera for your safety and ease of parking.

We have all weather tires from Continental that have a snow flake symbol and are approved for mountain passes (paved) from October 1st onward.

From personal experience driving one of our vehicles back from Calgary to Vancouver in November we can assure that the tires handle very well.

That being said we are talking about a recreational vehicle – they are by no means a race car so we ask you to please always drive safely, check your surroundings and slow down on uneven pavement and for tight turns etc.

Side winds can have an impact on the ability to steadily stay in your lane as well as the vehicles are tall and bulky. We kindly ask for you to not exceed 110km/h as the solar panel mount is rated for higher speeds. Be safe! No off roading due to the extremely long wheel base.

The possibility of getting stuck on unpaved or uneven grounds is extremely high. 

Here are some sad and unexpected errors we have had to deal with so far: Damaging the fuel tank – $ 1900 

Hitting a Tree while reversing to park – over $ 3100 

Please be mindful of our guidelines, rules and checklists when doing the walk-through with us so we can be sure that both our renters and our vehicles stay safe and well taken care of.

We schedule our vehicle pick-up and returns between 9:00am and 13:00pm at noon to give you enough time for your way back to us. 

Should you be stuck in traffic, at a border, waiting for a ferry, unable to proceed with your journey due to any unforeseen circumstances, or simply running a couple of minutes behind schedule, please contact us. We are people, just like you, and understand that sometimes there are situations we have no influence on. Please do understand our side as well – we, as a small family owned business who does all the work themselves with love and attention to detail, do need to put hours of work to clean and restock so we can offer each and every customer the vehicles in their best condition to shine and impress, so we kindly ask for your understanding that all our guests who return outside of our scheduled pick-up and drop-off times will be subject to a late fee which is calculated at an additional day’s charge, based off of the daily rate for their specific rental period. Should you have any questions regarding late returns, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we will do everything we can to make your booking with us your most enjoyable rental experience!


Our insurance packages are fair and easy to choose from. We offer great coverage at competitive prices so everybody can get rolling with peace of mind. Working hard to simplify the process we can proudly present our 2 different insurance options:

ESSENTIAL: $19.99 This package is required for all of our guests from within Canada out of province, as well as BC residents without adequate rental vehicle insurance coverage. Deductible: $1000

INTERNATIONAL: $23.99 This package is required for all of our international guests as well as travels planned outside of Canada. Deductible: $1000

Please note: For us to provide you with insurance options that are set at prices way below all other competitors, we can offer no type of glass/windshield/window coverage options to be added. Please check FAQs to find more insurance related information.


On your scheduled pick-up day please make sure to arrive on time and plan to stay about 30 to 45 minutes for our walk-around.

Have your previously studied, filled out and signed rental agreement as well as your driver’s license and identification handy.

COVID-19 Policy

These are some difficult times we are currently in for all of us and we are doing our best to ensure that we can make the best of it.

We want to give you the opportunity to travel and explore the beautiful outdoors in a safe environment.

Following strict guidelines, we strive to give you an unforgettable experience you can feel safe choosing.

We sanitize, heat-treat and disinfect all our vehicles before each rental and do all our key exchanges with individuals wearing a face mask, mouth covering or face shield only and kindly ask you to respect this decision for our and your safety as well as maintaining physical distance.

If you wish to do a contactless key exchange, this can be arranged upon request as well.

If you experience COVID19 related symptoms or have a positive COVID19 test or the orders to self-isolate or quarantine right around the time of your booking, please contact us immediately so we can plan accordingly.