We have listed some of the most visited and most popular destinations for you to give you an idea for your own vacation, what to add or incorporate into your plans or simply another sight-worthy stop.

There’s far more than what we have listed here, but we sure hope this will make you hungry for more and we would love to welcome you again to embark on yet another getaway for more memorable moments in one of our vans!

If you are unsure where to go and what to do, please feel free to ask – we will go all out to help you plan an unforgettable dream-getaway!


Is one of the amazing places on the Vancouver Island that is very much worth paying a visit. There are several campgrounds right by the beach. A very popular and from personal references most visited place to camp is Green Point Campground

You are not far from Long Beach or the little town Tofino that looks and feels like it is stuck in time with its beautiful scenery and relaxed life style. Just grab your surf board or hang on the beach and enjoy every moment of live. There are plenty of trails and paths to discover nearby. Ucluelet has one amazing old lighthouse which is worth checking out. The ultimate visit would be hot-spring cove Link . For more info talk to us or visit “Visit Tofino” .

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Being just 5 hours from Vancouver, the Okanagan Valley is a true gem in the heart of BC. Quite honestly, it’s a perfect trip worth taking in our glamped up campers!

Known for its wineries, breathtaking scenery and countless activity options, there is an abundance of fun things to do for everyone in every age range, all year round!

Whether you’re sipping an award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon, camping under the moonlight, or going for a mid-day kayak out on one of the many quiet and secluded lakes, you’ve come to just the right place!


You’d rather want to check out the old steam train or want an adventure that’s even more unforgettable than a ride down a mountain path with your bicycle?

There’s so much to see and do that not even we ourselves have explored it all, and that after countless visits – so feel free and just ask us for more details supplying us with some information regarding your points of interest and we will do our best to point you in the right direction!

Before you visit the Okanagan Valley, we suggest paying a visit to HelloBC .



When visiting Jasper, please make sure you bring some time, as you won’t be able to let go after one look at one of our most stunning national parks Canada has to offer! From rafting to hiking, or simply enjoying the views, Jasper has it all!

Come during the winter season to be amazed by the serenity of the frozen lakes and be wow-ed on a horse sled tour! You are more into warm weather? Definitely check out the vast array of nature’s bountiful color schemes! Feel free to check out “Visit Jasper” here before you embark on your unforgettable journey with countless hours of things to do and see!

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British Columbia is the place to go if you are looking for hot springs all year round.

Are you looking for an adventure or easy-to-get-to hot springs? You’ve come to the right place as BC has them all! 

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Some need to be hiked to, while others are easily accessible by car. British Columbia has more than 50 Hot springs all over the province from up north, all the way to the south.

Please contact us if you are planning on visiting some of our amazing local hot springs and let us help you find some along your desired route!

Hotsprings in B.C.