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Rent with us for an unforgettable journey. Experience top-notch service, reliable vehicles, and seamless adventures crafted just for you.  Whether you’re travelling on a road trip to visit family or to explore the great outdoors of Western Canada, we’re the right choice for you.

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Handcrafted with care by us, each of our vans reflects our passion and commitment to excellence. As a small family business, we pour our heart and soul into every detail, ensuring that your rental experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

What our customers say about us:

Great experience exploring the Cascades in Trudy. Economically laid out, very secure, easy to drive, great appliances, warm and cozy!

Timo K.
May 2024

Hello from D’Artagnan and Astrid! Wow Frieda was amazing, at first it took some time getting used to drive a car her size, but after that she drives like the Canadian dream. We could not have asked for a better van to drive around BC (sorry Helene and Martha!!), she took us safely from A to B to C and we loved every minute of it! She has sooo much space, we loved cooking with her, at night the shades made it so dark and cozy, and the heater is AMAZING when it is minus degrees outside. We never went under 13 volts even after cooking soup for hours. The bed was so cozy, and the fridge was more than big enough. I really hope to explore with Frieda again one day ❤️

Astrid Thiebaux
from Denmark
April 2024

Exceptional Experience with Tesla Model X and Model Y! The Model X provided unparalleled luxury and comfort, with its spacious interior and futuristic features. From the falcon-wing doors to the panoramic windshield, every detail was meticulously designed for a premium experience. The Model Y offered a perfect balance of performance and versatility. Its sleek design and compact size made navigating city streets a breeze. Driving with smooth acceleration and responsive handling. Renting from Toni and Angie was an absolute delight! Both the Tesla Model X and Model Y exceeded our expectations in every way; I recommend!

Emman Barrameda
from Canada
April 2024

Great experience exploring the Cascades in Trudy. Economically laid out, very secure, easy to drive, great appliances, warm and cozy!

Timo Court-Kowalski
from Australia
April 2024

We spent a wonderful time camping in Canada, thanks to Trudie! It is a real cozy camper with all you need, cooking was no problem and the bed is quite comfortable. Everything was clean, well maintained and even spacious. We were often asked about her by other interested campers. Communication was also quick and very friendly. We'd love to come back again.

Antonia Didion
October 2021

We had such an amazing time with Trudies in Vancouver Island - everything we need is in the van, and in my opinion, the experience is even better than staying in the hotel. Angie and Toni did such an amazing job building and renovating the van that my boyfriend and I felt sad to leave her at the end of the trip. And Angie is also an amazing host - great communication, fast response, detailed explanation and tour before we head off. A best way to explore the nature!!

Gigi Xian
September 2021

We had an amazing time. It was all I expected and more. The van is a lot more spacious than I had expected and we were very comfortable. I already miss it. It was a very pleasurable vacation. Communication was excellent. I highly recommend. I loved that the van was completely off grid. We traveled the entire Vancouver Island and the convenience of always having your “home” with you is amazing. We would stop whenever we were hungry and just make a meal anytime. We never forgot anything at the “hotel".

Sara Ganowski
August 2021

My son and I had the best time in this van on our West Coast adventures! It was exactly as stated, was so easy to drive and we loved all of the aspects of the van. Toni was very kind and communicable- got back to me very quickly with any questions or concerns. My son asked if we can rent this one every vacation! We especially loved the bed-turned-table (comfy!) And I loved having the propane cook stove at my fingertips. Sleeping at campgrounds, or next to the ocean....stopping anywhere along the way to nap, etc. So, so amazing.

Melissa Taylor
August 2020

"The van "Trudie" was a pleasure to drive and more spacious then it would seem from the outside. It had everything we needed for our trip and Toni and Angie were very responsive to questions along the way. Thank you so much"

Jason Ververgaert
June 2020

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